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Epoxy Installation & Repair Services
We restore flooring to it's finer glory
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Providing 20 years of quality service.
We are a professional epoxy floor contractor with the experience to install and repair your commercial epoxy floor or residential epoxy floor to high quality finish.
Commercial & Residential Epoxy Flooring and Cleaning Services
We do it all with a smile!
Epoxy Floor Re-surfacing
We can resurface your damaged floors to like new condition
Professional Floor Cleaning
We professional clean many types of floors including epoxy floors
Marble Floor Restoration
We wax dull marble floors and restore shine
New Epoxy Application
We apply professional new epoxy floors to both homes and businesses
Commercial Cleaning
Professional grade cleaning for hospitals, stores, offices, and more
House Cleaning
We can professional clean and declutter your entire home
Beautiful shiny epoxy finish, every time.
Our professional cleaners are here to repair your floors and more to our high standards.
Frequently Asked Questions
We've answered the most common questions

Epoxy floors typically last 10-20 years with the proper maintenance.

Yes, if your epoxy floors become wet with water or oil is present your floors will become slippery. We recommend using aluminum oxide non-skid if you have conditions that will make your floor excessively wet or oily.

Yes, non-skid wears out in about 5 years and will need to be re-applied.

Epoxy can be applied to concrete, wood, metal, or tile.

Chip flakes help with non-skid and hide imperfections in the floor by adding a decorative look.

An epoxy floor application generally takes 1-2 days for a professional garage floor application. If you are getting other parts of your home or business epoxied, you can expect a few more days.

3 Reasons to Hire an Epoxy Floor Professional

We use high quality, professional tools to apply your epoxy floor. These are machines you may not have access to. When we prep your floors we use a diamond grinder which is important to get rid of any surface damage and imperfections. Our diamond grinder also removes surface containment’s which opens the pores of the concrete to allow the epoxy to bond better.

We apply a good amount of flake to give you 100% full floor coverage. We use about 60 pounds of flakes for an average 2 car garage.

Our epoxy floor application will last longer that a typical DIY epoxy kit or another company with less experience. 

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