How to Get People to Like Your FaceBook Page

Do you want to grow your FaceBook business page? Well, you’re going to need more page likes. More page likes means you’ll have more eyes viewing your FaceBook posts which will bring more likes and shares to your FaceBook page. There are a couple of ways to go about doing this. I will say that FaceBook pages are one of the hardest social media pages to grow if you’re not doing the following.

Add a profile picture

Set your page up so that it looks like a legitimate business. Start by adding a logo of your company or if you are like a freelancer or independent agent, you’ll want to add a professional profile picture.

Add a header image

Bring life to your FaceBook page by adding a header image that reflects what your business is about. This can be an image of your product or a picture that represents your services.

Post content to your page

If your page is left bare, it will seem as though it is inactive. Add about 3-6 posts to show that your page is active and thriving. You’ll also want to keep this momentum by posting regularly.

Invite FaceBook friends to like your page

FaceBook gives you the option to share your business page with your FaceBook friends by inviting them to like your page. Your FaceBook friends are more likely to like your page than total strangers so go ahead and use the invite button to your advantage. It will also show that you have likes on your page which will compel others to like your page as well.

Spread the word

Include a link to your FaceBook page anywhere and everywhere. Place a link back to your FaceBook page on all of your other social media pages and your website.

Promote your FaceBook with Facebook ads

Create a post or ad to invite people to like your page. FaceBook will show your ad to the audience of your choosing. This is an excellent way to reach people and get FaceBook likes on your page because you can laser target the exact audience you want to like your page. Another good thing about FaceBook ads are that they are affordable and they work.

As always, I hope this information has helped you in some way. If you like this content, please share to anyone and everyone. Thank you, and have an awesome day.

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