About Us
We're passionate about making the web beautiful.
Our developers are friendly and easy to work with.
We have over 11+ years of online marketing and website development experience.
We develop modern, professional, small business websites.
Our developers work quickly and efficiently to deliver your professional website.
So, what's the story?
The Start
Voosx was founded by then freelance website designer Monica Byron in 2019. After working as a freelancer for 10 years, Byron decided to launch her own full website development business. Over the years, Byron gained insight on what made websites successful and the process that goes behind launching and marketing a successful website.
The Knowledge
Working closely with small businesses which were her primary clients, she learned what most people needed in a website, what their desired outcomes were with having a website, and what was lacking in small business websites.
The Work
Byron has helped hundreds of clients improve their online presense and improve their online marketing efforts. She understood that some small businesses needed a website to be affordable and profitable. Seeing that many small businesses would opt-in to DIY websites for the sake of cutting costs but not seeing the return on their investments, she decided to take her services a step futher by launching Voosx.
The Goal
Voosx helps small businesses compete in online markets with websites that are visually competitive with bigger companies and backed with search engine optimization techniques to get customers to your business, all while keeping costs reasonable, yet affordable.
A message from CEO Monica Byron
Monica Byron
CEO / Lead Developer
Hello, I'm Monica Byron, CEO of Voosx. I would like to invite you to receive a free website audit to find out how you can improve your website and get more customers to purchase your products or services.